Which Blue Contacts Are The Right Ones When Choosing Color Contacts?

Color contacts come in a variety of colors, one of which is blue. Blue is the color of the sky, the ocean, depression and calm. In some religions, blue is the color of God’s glory while in others it is the color of evildoers whose eyes are glazed with a bluish tint. Blue, therefore, is an exciting color evoking contrasting emotions and one which poses distinct challenges when it comes to choosing blue contacts.

Because blue contacts can signify so many different things, when should one pick blue in choosing color contacts. Research has shown that blue-eyed people are seen to be sweet, sexy and kind. Respondents in a research on color contacts chose blue (18%) as the third most popular color of choice after green (27%) and amethyst (26%). Blue, together with violet and green, is one of the colors recommended for people with natural brown eyes who are looking for color contacts to change the color of their eyes.

When thinking about blue contacts, it is important to consider how this will affect one’s overall personality. Many people love blue contacts because of their bright and vibrant color. In the daytime, blue contacts may appear too bright and may not suit one’s personality. In the subdued light of evenings, however, blue contacts may look very stunning and seductive.

Blue contact lenses come in different shades. Blue contacts are a good choice for people with fair skin and hair of a medium to dark shade. Women with red hair should opt for the lighter blue shades instead of the darker ones. Many people, attracted by the color blue stay away from the traditional blue shades and choose the more vivid blue colors. This can be a mistake because vivid blue colors can look too bright and may not always look attractive. In choosing color contacts, it is important to pick the shades that look as natural as possible in natural light. Outdoors, a blue shade that is too bright can look very artificial, whereas in the evenings, it can look exceptionally attractive.

When one has dark eyes, enhancement tint contacts will not show much of a difference. Opaque blue contact lenses are needed to show a noticeable color change. For these persons, sapphire shades are the ones that will really make a dramatic color difference.

Women with light colored eyes can choose between enhancement and opaque tints when choosing blue contacts. Blue enhancement tints highlight the natural color of the eyes while giving them a subtle blue shade. Sky blue colors give soft, natural effects. People with very light skin and eyes should choose opaque blue tints to get the look of darker eyes. Soft blue shades and dark blue violet ones should go over well when choosing blue contacts.

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